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Our mission is to provide intensive accredited training to everyone regardless of their age and background so they could thrive in the business world today.

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About Us


Founded in 2010, Canadian Create Career College (CCC College) is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI number: O19275297052) accredited by PTIB (Private Training Institutions Branch) and has earned BCEQA (British Columbia Education Quality Assurance) designation.

CCC College offers various accredited programs designed for trending industries with the most abundant job openings each year. Students at CCC College are able to acquire, develop and practice new workplace skills aligning with the rapidly changing job market and earn the most in-demand diplomas or certificates for today’s workforce.

CCC College attracts students from all over the world with the unanimous goal of career success,creating a diverse and multicultural platform with a remarkable wealth of networking opportunities and experience.

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100% Practicum Placement

Upon course completion, our experienced student advisors will assist in connecting with companies and searching for suitable practicum placements in the local area. Students can apply the acquired skills to workplaces in real business settings.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to strive for excellence in providing intensive accredited training to students from many cultural backgrounds and language abilities to help them thrive in the business world today.

During the practicum placement, students from CCC College are able to:

Network within the industry to develop contacts

Apply theoretical knowledge

Gain first-hand career insights from industry professionals

Solidify a clear career plan

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Online College Courses

Create Career College offers online course options for most programs. Domestic and international students are able to develop skills for career growth wherever they are. With small class sizes, our experienced and remarkable instructors ensure immediate response and feedback for the best assistance.

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Co-op Program

Create Career College prepares students for real-life work experience to develop high-demand workplace skills upon academic training. We always make sure our programs are aligned with the current job market and business trends. CCC College is dedicated to guaranteeing a prosperous career for every graduate.

Diploma Program with Co-op


Tech Diploma Programs → Web Design and Development → Digital Marketing

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Web Design and Development

Prepare students to enter digital technology world

Total program duration 100 weeks (2,000 hours)

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Digital Marketing

Provide students with a solid foundation to grow their professional careers

Total program duration 100 weeks (2,000 hours)

Management Diploma Programs → Accounting → Business Administration → Hospitality Management

CCC Accounting


Our experienced and CPA-qualified accounting instructors supervise students and provide students with a real-world perspective.

Total duration of the program is 96 weeks (1,920 hours)

CCC Business Adiministration

Business Administration

Prepare students for managerial or administrative positions in the field of retail, finance, marketing, and more.

Total duration of the program is 98 weeks (1,960 hours)

CCC Hospitality1

Hospitality Management

In collaboration with AHLEI to offer distinct Hospitality Management Diploma program with Co-op opportunities.

Total duration of the program is 96 weeks (1,920 hours)

Academic Advising


Create Career College has experienced advisors dedicated to providing career assistance to students. Students at CCC College are able to maximise their potential and greatly enhance their competitiveness in today’s job market.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the enquiry form below.

Admission Requirements

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  1. Student must be a high school graduate or equivalent or above;
  2. Student must be at the age of 19 years old or over on the first day of class;
  3. Prior to acceptance into the vocational or academic program at Create Career College, the student must meet the requirement of English proficiency, through either submitting an English score assessed by an approved and certified English Testing institution OR a successful English assessment at Create Career College OR completing a prerequisite program offered by Create Career College, which could be one of the following:

To enter our Diploma programs, applicants must meet 1 of the following English proficiency requirements:

  • Successful completion of the Create Career College’s English as a Second Language (ESL) program, a prerequisite to vocational and academic programs in Create Career College, or
  • Obtaining a minimum score of 80 on TOEFL iBT, or a minimum overall band score of 6.0 on the IELTS academic module, or
  • Successful completion of Grade 12 from a Canadian High School or equivalent, or
  • A score of at least 60% on the Create Career College English Placement Test.

※ In case you do not have any valid official English Test result, please take our free English Placement test online for our reference.

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Admission Requirements

ー Admission Procedure ー

Step 1

1-a. Prepare a copy of your passport

1-b. Prepare a copy of the most recent transcript or educational credentials

1-c. Provide an official English test result, such as IELTS and TOEFL

Step 2

2. Submit an enrolment application online

Step 3

3. CCC college will issue an admission offer/contract for students to review and sign

4. Pay tuition fee

Step 4

5. CCC college will issue a Letter of Acceptance

6. Apply for a Canadian study permit

Step 5

7. Approval of the Canadian study permit

Step 6

8. Start your program at CCC

9. Start your internship

10. Graduation

English Program


English as a Second Language Certificate Program (ESL)

ESL Program

ESL(English as a Second Language)program equips students with critical speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills that are essential for daily lives in Canada.

EAP program

English for Academic Purposes Certificate Program (EAP)

EAP Program

EAP (English for Academic Purposes) program equips students with academic English language skills and the confidence to excel in the Canadian higher education environment.


ESL Lecturer

Professor Greg

Why Choose Create Career College?


College-Enterprise Cooperation, Theory-Practice Combination

Create Career College (CCC) forged long-term collaboration with a number of local enterprises in different industry sectors. Students at CCC College are able to acquire hands-on experience directly in line with workplace requirements.

Small Class Sizes

CCC College has a low student-to-teacher ratio which ensures everyone can receive immediate feedback and get maximum attention from our professional instructors.

Career Path Assistance

CCC College has dedicated advisors who offer career assistance to students. Students from CCC College are able to maximize their potential and greatly improve their competitiveness in the job market today.

Flexible Schedule, Immediate Start Dates

CCC College offers full-time programs with flexible schedules. Most programs have a new intake every 4 weeks.

Student Life in Vancouver

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Socialize with new friends who share the same career goal.

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CCC college organizes events for a variety of occasions and festivals, providing student with a valuable cultural experience in Canada.

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CCC College has dedicated student advisors who provide valuable career insights and assist in achieving a successful career.

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We assist students with homestay services and apartment rentals in Canada.

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Create Career College (CCC)


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+1 (778) 379-0909

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Academic Advising


Create Career College has experienced advisors dedicated to providing career assistance to students. Students at CCC College are able to maximise their potential and greatly enhance their competitiveness in today’s job market.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the enquiry form below.