2-year DLI Course | Complete Your Diploma with Paid Internship

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2-year DLI Course | Complete Your Diploma with Paid Internship

Introduction of Designated Learning Institutions (DLI)

The Stream A immigration pathway is unique to Hong Kongers and facilitates those planning to move to Canada. Applicants only need to complete a 2-year DLI Diploma program to qualify.

Create Career College, one of the Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) in Canada, offers 5 programs that allow Hong Kong nationals to seamlessly transition to their new careers in Canada. All these 2-year Diploma courses qualify for the Stream A pathway.

Study + Internship + Immigration All Completed within 2 Years

If you choose to start your journey at our college, how fast can you achieve your immigration goals?

Immigration is undoubtedly a major decision in one’s life. People may hesitate before they make the decision. Concerns include the difficulty of the diploma program, the time it takes to complete the program, and the costs involved in the process.

Create Career College’s diploma program consists of 1 year of theoretical lectures and 1 year of paid co-op/internship. Lectures for the first year will be conducted online, allowing Hong Kong students to attend classes remotely. In the second year, our college will provide students with paid internship opportunities, also known as CO-OP. It relieves students of financial stress during the immigration process. It can also help students to better develop their future careers. CCC has long-term cooperation with local companies and is committed to securing more job opportunities for students.

Develop the Most Suitable Study Plan and Job Opportunities for Students

Our college often invites guests from different fields and enterprises to give 1 to 2 lectures to students. Therefore, students can orient themselves and determine their career direction by interacting with lecturers and guest speakers before completing their first year of study.

What makes our school better than some public schools is the flexible course schedule that allows students to start their courses any month of the year! Our student advisors will assist students in developing the most appropriate timetable based on their needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to create the perfect study plan to help immigrate to Canada. 

CCC’s Practical and Locally Competitive DLI courses 

Create Career College (DLI:O19275297052) offers various diplomas and certificates to be your first step to career success. 5 of the programs qualify for Stream A are Digital MarketingWeb Design and DevelopmentBusiness AdministrationHospitality Management, and Accounting

Become a Native Fluent English Speaker: We Offer ESL Courses

Create Career College offers English as a Second Language (ESL) courses to students who are not fluent in English. Professional ESL teachers and their authentic courses allow students to learn English quickly.

Another program offered by our college, English for Academic Purposes Certificate & Pathway (EAP), further trains students to become sustainable English speakers.

All programs are accredited by government agencies such as EduCanada and the British Columbia Education Quality Assurance Agency (BCEQA), as well as the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC), the British Columbia Career Colleges Association (BCCC), and the Language Association (Language Canada), the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA).

Whether you are just looking to improve your English, or you are looking to take any course to improve your professionalism, Create Career College is a great place to start. Please feel free to contact our student advisors to learn more about our available courses, admission requirements, and start dates.