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8 Best Job Sites in Canada For 2023 | CCC Co-op Opportunities

Do you want to experience working in Canada? Can I only find a job through the major job sites in Canada? In addition to working holidays, you can also enter Canada using Study Permit and Work Permit. You can work according to the regulations of each permit. 

The 2-year diploma program offered by Create Career College provides students with Co-op opportunities. Students will have a Co-op experience ranging from 960 to 1,000 hours in the second year, and apply the knowledge learned in the first year in the workplace.

It is less difficult than expected to find a job in Vancouver, as well as other parts in Canada. First of all, you should understand the process of finding a job in Canada, the documents to be prepared, etc. Then make proper use of the local job sites in Canada, prepare interview questions and answers, and you will be able to smoothly find the ideal job. 

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How To Find a Job in Canada

To secure a job in Canada, you must first prepare adequate documents for the application. Although those application documents may vary depending on the position and industry, they are generally similar. 

  • First of all, make a job-winning Resume and Cover Letter. It is recommended that the resume should be within two pages, and the cover letter should be within one page. Some professionals such as designers and copywriters need to prepare a portfolio to showcase their work.
  • Then, you can start searching for jobs using the following 8 job sites in Canada. Just feel free to filter out the jobs you are interested in.
  • Then start to submit the Résumé to the company or headhunter, and wait for the interview invitation.

CCC Co-op Opportunities

The 2-year diploma program of Create Career College includes 12 months of academic studies and 12 months of Co-op experience. The school will provide career and placement support to students, for example, our Co-op Specialist will conduct 1-on-1 employment guidance with students, and work with students to find the ideal co-op jobs.

Taking the 2-Year Hospitality Management Diploma as an example. The following jobs are all qualified for a co-op, including servers in hotels and restaurants, baristas, shelf stockers in supermarkets, retail salespersons, casino admins, event planners, travel agents, etc. If you are interested in more of our other diploma programs and co-op opportunities, please contact CCC Admission Department.

8 Best Job Sites in Canada

Here are the 8 best job sites in Canada that both new immigrants and local residents use to find jobs.

Canada Job Bank

This is the Job Bank operated by the Canadian government. The advertisements posted on it include job vacancies in the government, public, and private sectors. It is a collection of multiple Canadian job boards and the job ads are updated every day. The Canada Job Bank has more than 120,000 job advertisements, but job seekers can filter the jobs they are interested in based on company location, working hours, job types, and other criteria.

If you want to find a job in the government sector, make good use of the Canada Job Bank to search for government jobs. 


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. Whether looking for a job, keeping in touch with professionals in the workplace, or even getting the latest information and announcements in the industry. Thus, LinkedIn is a must-have online business card for professionals.

How can job seekers make the most use of this business social network? Establish connections and relationships with professionals in different fields on LinkedIn, accumulate contacts, and then “rely on relationships” to obtain interview opportunities through referrals.

On the other hand, many headhunters and recruitment firms will first examine the resumes and experiences of potential candidates on LinkedIn. Then they will invite suitable candidates for phone interviews. In addition, when applying for a job in Canada, job seekers may be required to provide their LinkedIn profiles for the company to reference. Therefore, job seekers should decorate their LinkedIn profiles so that companies can learn more about their backgrounds.


Indeed is a global recruitment website, and each location has its own subdomain website. That’s why job seekers should pay attention to whether they are entering the correct website when looking for job vacancies on Indeed. 

Indeed is also one of the most popular job sites in Canada. It not only covers the job advertisements published by the company itself but also collects information on the career pages of different companies. Therefore, there are a large number of job vacancies on Indeed. The recruitment postings are mainly from small and medium-sized companies. 


The special feature of the job board Glassdoor is that it allows users to anonymously comment on the company. So users can read the company reviews commented on by former or current employees. Job seekers can then understand the company overview and working environment in advance. 

This is a company review database submitted by employees around the world, especially popular in North America. When job seekers are looking for a job, they can also learn whether the company is an ideal workplace through employee reviews. 

Glassdoor users can not only see employees’ comments on working conditions but also see information about the company’s interview process, interview questions, salary, benefits, etc. It is a very useful and comprehensive job site in Canada.


Workopolis is also a popular job board in Canada, providing employment services mainly in English and French. The website collects a wide range of job vacancies, such as local and provincial government job ads. Job seekers can also filter ideal jobs through their search engines. Workopolis also provides the estimated salaries of each job, which is convenient for job seekers.


BCjobs.ca is a job site for the Province of British Columbia, Canada. All the jobs on the website are located in BC, which is very suitable for residents living in Vancouver.


WorkBC is a career-related website operated by the government of British Columbia. The target audiences are residents located in British Columbia. Job seekers can not only find job vacancies in WorkBC’s job bank, but they can also seek one-on-one support, which can help residents find a job and training opportunities, from the WorkBC Service Center.

WorkBC provides more than 40,000 job vacancies. One of its benefits is that every job advertisement lists the job location, salary, job type, and other information about the job, allowing job seekers to measure whether the salary and job duties are attractive enough.


Monster is a global job search platform and one of the oldest job sites in Canada. Monster brings together job vacancies in cities across Canada, and job seekers can easily select the jobs they are interested in through filters.

At the same time, Monster also has Salary Tools for job seekers for reference. Just enter the job title and job location, and you can know the average salary of this occupation. You can also have an idea when setting your expected salary. 

Volunteer Websites

In addition to paid jobs, you may also want to do volunteer work in your spare time to help others. The following 3 websites provide many volunteering opportunities. Newcomers can know more about the daily lives and culture of Canadian people while helping others. 

Volunteer Canada

Volunteer Canada is the largest volunteer job board in Canada. It provides opportunities for volunteer activities across the country. Users can find different volunteer activities based on their residence, professional skills, service scope, and service groups.


iVolunteer is run by the United Way British Columbia and provides volunteering opportunities primarily in the Greater Vancouver area.


GoVolunteer is also a website for volunteer opportunities. They cooperate with many non-profit organizations (NGOs) to provide volunteering opportunities through VolunteerConnector.

Finding a Job in Canada: Conclusion

If you are a newcomer, you must first understand the job hunting process, prepare job-related documents, and use the above-mentioned job sites in Canada to find your ideal job.

Create Career College also provides Co-op opportunities to help students find a workplace where they can do the co-op and complete 960-1,000 hours of co-op work experience. This co-op experience not only allows students to apply what they have learned but also to gain a better understanding of the workplace in Canada.