How To Become A CPA in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

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How To Become A CPA in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

Accounting diploma program

Many people wonder how the Accounting program would help them dive into the financial industry in Canada.

In general, Canada has a federal parliamentary system, each province has its own province-specific taxation to support its expenditure. There are sales tax, corporate tax, and other laws of the provinces and territories.

Usually 5% GST is levied, and some provinces also impose a provincial sales tax (PST). PST amounts vary by province, from 6% to 9.975%. Additionally, every Canadian resident is required to file a Canadian income tax return annually.

If you want to use your accounting expertise to help others with tax issues, or pass the CPA exam to become a professional Canadian accountant to achieve your goals. The Accounting diploma course at Create Career College starts every month. In addition, to help you progress through the Stream A pathway, it will provide you with a solid foundation for your future career.


What Does CCC’s Accounting Diploma Offer?

Residents in Canada are required to file an annual tax return each year. Personal income, household expenses, profits and earnings of various types of businesses all need to be clearly stated when filing income tax returns so that residents can obtain the corresponding tax returns. Therefore, Canadian accountants are always in great demand during tax preparation.

The Accounting Diploma program at CCC is carefully aligned with the requirements of Chartered Professional Accountant and Public Business Accountancy. Therefore, students are prepared for the preliminary courses.

The 2-year accounting course at CCC offers 1-year theoretical lecture and 1-year co-op in the accounting field. The lecture includes fundamental statistics, accounting software, and application training, which will nourish students in payroll, taxation system, macroeconomics, and even business law.

Insights from an Experienced Lecturer at CCC

Are you interested in a career in accounting and wondering what the job market looks like? Join us for an insightful interview with an experienced Accounting Lecturer, who shares valuable insights into the employment and salary outlook for accounting professionals.

CCC Accounting Subjects

Lecture Overview
Computer Business Applications
Business Communication
Basic Statistics
Financial Accounting 1
Financial Accounting 2
Payroll and Taxation in Canada
Accounting Software: Quickbooks
Accounting Software: Sage 50
Introductory Managerial Accounting
Introduction to Finance
Business Law

For details of the course, please click here to view the course introduction.

2-Year Diploma: Pave the Way to Enter the Accounting Industry & Prepare to the CPA Exam

Canadian employers place great importance on applicants’ academic qualifications, including local education credentials, work experience, volunteer work experience, etc. Employers want to gain a better understanding of a candidate’s background during the hiring process through the candidate’s past experience. For people with no relevant experience or accounting assistants who are new to Canada, it will be easier for them to find a job if they successfully pass a CPA exam.

Our experienced accounting instructors with CPA qualifications supervise students with their assignments and projects to offer a real-world perspective to the students. Upon successful completion of the Accounting Diploma program at CCC, students are qualified for entry-level bookkeeping, payroll, and taxation positions.

The 2-year CCC accounting course not only meets the immigration requirements of Stream A, but also provides up to 48 weeks, a total of 960 hours of professional accounting training, to help you easily pass the CPA exam.

If you are considering immigrating to Canada through Stream A pathway or expect to pass a CPA exam, join our accounting course today to achieve your goals.

Converting HK CPA Certificate to Canadian CPA

In addition, there are ways for Hong Kong CPA to convert their certificate to Canadian CPA.

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