Christine’s Hospitality Management Diploma Study Journey at CCC

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Christine’s Hospitality Management Diploma Study Journey at CCC

From a student at Create Career College to a thriving professional in Canada, my experience demonstrates the exceptional educational and career support provided by Create Career College. My name is Christine, a graduate of the two-year Hospitality Management diploma program at Create Career College, where I acquired not only the tools to excel in hospitality but also learned how to embark on a promising career in Ontario, Canada.

Educational Foundation - 2-Year Hospitality Management Diploma

The curriculum at Create Career College was carefully designed to balance academic rigor with practical application. The first year of hospitality management diploma, which I attended online from Hong Kong due to the flexible learning options offered by Create Career College, laid a solid foundation in the principles of hospitality management. After moving to Canada, I completed the second year, which included a 12-month paid Co-op placement. This placement played a vital role in providing me with practical experience in the hospitality industry, allowing me to apply the theories, skills and techniques I had learned from hospitality management lectures in real-world settings.

Comprehensive Career Support and Job Placement

The career support services at Create Career College, such as Co-op specialist consultation and industrial guest speaking session, were crucial in my transition from a student to well-trained Canadian worker. From the beginning of my program, the college’s career development team provided workshops on resume writing, interview preparation, and job search strategies specifically designed for the hospitality sector. These workshops were invaluable as they prepared me to enter and excel in the Canadian job market.

One of the most beneficial aspects of Create Career College’s support was the personalized career counseling sessions. During these sessions, I received tailored advice on navigating job opportunities in Ontario, which helped me align my academic experience with the job market demands. The Co-op specialist at Crate Career College also helped me build a professional network through introductions to Create Career College alumni and industry professionals at various networking events organized by the college.

Securing the First Hospitality Job

The practical experience I gained during my Co-op paid placement, combined with the career readiness training at Create Career College, enabled me to secure my first job in Canada. I leveraged my Co-op experience in my interviews, demonstrating my ability to adapt and thrive in high-pressure environments. Create Career College career center assisted me in tailoring my job applications to reflect my strengths and the unique skills I acquired through my hospitality management diploma program.

Additionally, the support did not end upon graduation. As I navigated through my job applications, Create Career College admission department and career center provided ongoing support, including mock interviews with real industry professionals and feedback sessions to refine my approach. This continuous commitment was crucial as it kept me motivated and focused on my career goals.

Resulting Success In Canada

Thanks to the comprehensive education and extensive career support from Create Career College, I secured a full-time position in hospitality management in London, Ontario. This role not only allows me to apply the skills and knowledge I gained from 2-year Hospitality Management Diploma but also provides a stable foundation for my professional growth and permanent residency status in Canada.

Reflecting on my career path, I am grateful for the opportunities Create Career College has provided. The college not only equipped me with the necessary educational qualifications but also laid the groundwork for a successful career in Canada. For anyone aspiring to build a future in hospitality management or other relating field, Create Career College is more than an educational institution; it is a springboard for your career and dreams.