Diploma and Certificate Programs

Create Career College offers various diplomas and certificates to be your first step to career success. 

Unlike traditional colleges, Create Career College accentuates real-life specialized training and practical skill sets development. In collaboration with corporations in different industries, Create Career College offers practicum opportunities with Co-op programs for businesslike experience. 

With our experienced instructors, Create Career College maintains up-to-date course outlines and programs that are in high demand in today’s market. Upon graduation, students at Create Career College are fully equipped and capable to thrive in the business world in Canada. 

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Web Design and Development Diploma at Create Career College helps students enter digital technology with practical skills to succeed in the workforce. Through this program, students will learn how to build functional, interactive websites, write and test web scripts and code in various industry-standard programming languages, optimize website content, design interactive graphics, be well versed in social media marketing, and more. By completing this diploma program, students will have developed a comprehensive portfolio of their work and promote their skills to potential employers and clients. 

Create Career College’s Digital Marketing Diploma aims to provide students with a solid foundation to grow their professional and careers in the new era of online and digital marketing, opening new doors to a wide variety of opportunities in the exciting field of marketing. The program combines practical hands-on coursework with the theoretical knowledge necessary to succeed in digital marketing. Students will be taught fundamental marketing and business concepts, and develop practical skill sets based on the latest standards of the digital marketing industry.

Accounting and Financial Management professionals are the backbone of any organization. Create Career College’s well-rounded Financial and Accounting courses ensure graduates obtain a diploma that satisfies all entrance requirements of the Charted Professional Accountant’s (CPA) Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) program of studies. Create Career College also offers Accounting courses in shorter format to fit your own study schedule.

Create Career College’s Business Administration Diploma program offers a solid foundation to power students’ pursuit of career success in Business Administration. Students are able to acquire business administration skill sets such as management, accounting, marketing, communication, and organizational behavior. For students who pursue an advanced level of Business Administration, Create Career College provides progressive courses incorporating finance, investment, strategic management, global business and economics. 

Create Career College provides diploma program and certificate for Hospitality Management. It introduces students to the core elements of hotel and restaurant industry. Students will grasp fundamental skills and gain industry knowledge related to hotels, restaurants, housekeeping, plus a general overview of hospitality itself. In collaboration with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI), Hospitality Management Diploma at Create Career College offers valuable Co-op opportunities in Canada to help students emerge into the hospitality industry. 

English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Create Career College is committed to helping students improve their communication skills in English language through a dynamic, interactive classroom environment. ESL students can explore a broad range of relevant, local and timely topics. Unlike traditional English courses, Create Career College’s ESL course is approachable, professional and tailored to the specific needs of students using different teaching approaches. We offer multiple courses levels catered to students with different English Language proficiency. 

English for Academic Purposes Program at Create Career College is a preparatory program that develops core English Language skills, for those who wish to pursue higher education or undergraduate studies. 
The program is divided into 4 levels (4, 5, 6, and 7), each level runs for 8 weeks. Students will enter into the appropriate level in accordance to their entrance test results. Students are examined on a regular basis to ensure proper progress and if they are ready for the next level. Create Career College is in collaboration with local universities to provide pathways to undergraduate programs. Graduates may be eligible for Canadian Permanent Residency upon the completion of the program. 

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