Fastest Growing Industries: Health Care in BC

According to WorkBC Industry Profiles: Healthcare and Social Assistance data, Healthcare workers are in high demand in British Columbia, without taking into account the effects of the pandemic. Health care in BC is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries, with over 323,200 people working in this industry and a monthly growth rate of around 2.7%. According to BC Labour Market Outlook, Health Care Assistant/Care Aide is one of the highest-demand occupations in BC. In this blog, we will reveal insight into the healthcare industry and how to become a registered Health Care Assistant in BC. 

Fastest Growing Industries: Health Care in BC

Overview of the Health Care in BC 

BC and Canada as a whole are experiencing growing aging populations. Therefore, healthcare-related jobs will grow faster than other jobs in the foreseeable future. In addition, due to the nature of the health care sector, it’s generally not affected by changes in the economy. As a result, the healthcare industry has a low unemployment rate.

Demand for registered Health Care Assistants

Health care organizations across BC are struggling to meet their hiring needs. There is a shortage of Community Care Aides professionals. Therefore, Health care organizations see immigrants as a key source of the workforce. With that being said, the healthcare industry has created several programs to attract workers.

Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants Program and BC Provincial Nominee Program are the two most well-known programs that can help individuals to become permanent residents of Canada. 

Become a registered Health Care Assistant

The majority of higher education institutions in Canada restrict international students to enter their Health Care programs. As a result, many international students with the desire to help and care cannot fulfill their dreams in Canada. However, there are a few higher education institutions that accept international students to their health care program. One of which is Create Career College. Create Career College is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI number: O19275297052) accredited by PTIB (Private Training Institutions Branch) and has earned BCEQA (British Columbia Education Quality Assurance) designation. 

The 26-week full-time Health Care Assistant (HCA) Diploma Program includes 20.5 weeks of lecture and 5.5 weeks of practicum. This program equips students with hands-on lab skills and lecture knowledge, as well as real-world experience during the practicum. Upon graduation, students will be eligible to register with the BC Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry to become registered Health Care Assistants. In addition, CCC provides job placement opportunities for all Health Care Assistant graduates, wages ranging from $25 to $50 CAD/hour. 

Find out more about the 26-week full-time Health Care Assistant (HCA) Diploma Program.

Fastest Growing Industries: Health Care in BC