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Create Career College, backed by collaborative community alliances and in conjunction with the endorsement of the British Columbia provincial administration, takes pride in offering fully government-sponsored learning opportunities to qualified candidates commencing in the beginning of 2022. The curricula of these offerings are aligned with prevailing market trends, attuned to specific industry demands, and centered around ensuring student triumph. Throughout the duration of each program, learners will engage in instruction delivered by Create Career College, pivotal proficiency enhancements via affiliated community partners, and comprehensive job assistance.

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About The Program 12

About Government Funded Courses

This meticulously structured 52-week program has been strategically curated to furnish participants with an extensive spectrum of professional knowledge across diverse domains within the six principal industries in Canada.

Upon program completion, participants will possess the latest industrial knowledge and skills, primed for seamless integration into the Canadian community. Our comprehensive training and workshops equip participants with the expertise needed to enhance employability and excel in the current job market.

Eligibility and Admissions Requirements

Applicants must fulfill ALL of the following criteria:
Criteria 1 version 3
Applicants must fulfill ONE of the following criteria:
Criteria 5
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Why study at Create Career College

100% Government Funded Programs

Flexible full-time remote class schedule

Comprehensive educational and working support

Graduate employment rate: 90%

Accredited Designated Learning Institution by PTIB

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At Create Career College, we go beyond traditional academics. Our programs offer a unique opportunity to gain practical insights by experiencing real work scenarios. You’ll acquire skills that are directly applicable in the workplace. We consistently ensure our programs are in sync with current employment trends. Create Career College is committed to ensuring all graduates are well-equipped for a successful career journey.