9 Jobs You Can Pursue after Graduated from a Hospitality Management Program in Canada

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Are you about to graduate from hospitality management, or are considering applying for a hospitality management program? Hospitality management has a very wide range of majors, and the employment rate of graduates is considerable. The average salary in the hospitality industry in Canada is $42,283 per year (approximately C $21.68 per hour). The entry-level job pays about $31,200 a year; For those with seniority, salaries can reach $69,974.



Vancouver is the most touristed city in Canada. Whether its beach in summer or ski resorts in winter, Vancouver’s streets are crowded with tourists all year round. Therefore, there is a growing demand for graduates from hospitality management. More importantly, the scope of hospitality management is very wide, including hotel management, tourism enterprise management, catering management, chef, bartender, and so on. In recent years, there is also an emerging of casino management, golf course management, club management, etc. They are also hot industries. This article will introduce the available careers for you after graduating from a hospitality management program.


Hospitality Jobs in Guest Relations

Guest relations is a customer-service-oriented sector for those who like to interact and work with people. These careers can be found in many different industries, although they are primarily seen within hotel management.

  1. Front Office Manager

Front office managers can have many day-to-day duties, including overseeing employees, maintaining guest accounts, coordinating hotel sales, and more.

  1. Housekeeping Supervisor

Commonly seen in hotels, directors of housekeeping can be expected to oversee the cleanliness and appearances of the hotel, control labor costs, and maintain supplies, among other related responsibilities.

  1. Sommelier

Sommeliers can be hired within high-end hotels or restaurants as experts of fine wine. They may be able to recommend wine and food pairings, help chefs create up-to-date wine listings for their establishment or promote wine-based events.



Hospitality Jobs in Tourism Management

Hospitality management is one aspect of tourism management that provides diverse opportunities for recent graduates. Job roles such as a cruise ship director and flight attendant can take you around the world, but if you prefer a hospitality career that has a consistent home base, below are three relevant suggestions:

  1. Travel Agent

A travel agent will research and plan trips for individuals, couples, and groups. This process may entail finding hotels, booking excursions, and sharing deals on flights.

  1. Marketing and Public Relations

A career in Marketing and PR can be connected to both hospitality and tourism based upon the needs of the industry. Marketing and Public Relations are important to a destination because a positive name in the press can impact the number of people traveling to a touristy town, hotel, or other sightseeing areas.

Marketing and Public Relations


Hospitality Jobs in Event Planning

Event planning is another key area of hospitality that involves hands-on organization and interaction. Traits of successful professionals with jobs in event planning may include being flexible, working within a budget, and having a propensity for multitasking.

  1. In-House Event Planner

Event planners can be involved in every aspect of an event, including booking clients, having regular meetings, problem-solving event details, and arranging the post-event clean-up.

  1. Bridal Consultant

Bridal consultants, or wedding planners, can be hired to oversee multiple aspects of a wedding and reception, from assistance in finding a venue to creating seating charts. These consultants may have versatile day-to-day schedules.



Hospitality Jobs in the Entertainment and Leisure Industries

The entertainment and leisure industries can perhaps be intertwined with some of those already mentioned above. For instance, it is common for sources of entertainment to spike in tourist towns such as Las Vegas or New York City. Some jobs that both sectors may be looking to employ include:

  1. Casino Host

Casino hosts work with a casino to ensure customer satisfaction. Some of the day-to-day duties of these hosts may include getting to know regular customers and offering various incentives to ensure their casino experience is positive and that they return.

  1. Theme Park Manager

Theme parks come with more than just rides and roller coasters, thus making it essential to have managers keeping them up and running. These employees can book shows, plan promotional events, and more.


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