Reasons You Should Take a Training Program

The concept of adults going back to school or taking part-time training programs is becoming more common over the years. According to EAB (2020), an individual who is over the age of 25 is considered an adult learner. The number of adult learners is estimated to increase by 21% by 2022 (EAB, 2020). The question is, why are more adults going back to school to taking training programs? In this blog, we will explore the 4 common reasons adults are taking training programs.

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Changing Career

After years of working in the current line of work, many realize that they just don’t love their jobs anymore, or they finally got the courage to pursue their passion. However, having a passion is different from working in the field where the passion lies. People need additional training to enter the workforce. For example, my friend Zoe always loved graphic design, yet she worked as a back-end developer for about 5 years and finally got the courage to pursue her dream job as a graphic designer. Even though, she is a self-taught graphic designer and does some freelance work in her spare time. However, she lacks many professional workflow and software techniques required for a professional graphic designer. As a result, she decided to take a graphic design certificate program, and she is currently on the right path towards her dream position. Taking a training program can help people open new doors.

Increase Earnings 

For many people, the most attractive aspect of a job is the earnings. However, as the earnings increase, the job requirement also elevates. For many managerial positions or other leadership roles, it not only requires work experience, but also education. Going back to school or taking a part-time training program at the age of 40 or 50 is perfectly common nowadays. Since it will expand people’s earning potentials.

Skill Upgrade Training Programs

The shift in technology has had a great impact on the labor market. As technology advances, it takes over human labor due to its efficiency and low cost. As a result, workers without new skills will find it difficult to get a job. Going back to school will not only offer people a new set of skills, but also insights into careers/jobs that did not exist before.


After years of working for others, it’s rewarding to start your own business. Where you can make all the important decisions and run the business based on your style. However, it takes more than just industry knowledge and passion. To run a successful business also requires knowledge in management, communication, and more. Because as a business owner, you must understand every aspect of your business as well as how to manage your employees, clients, and partners.

Special Training Program 

At Create Career College, we are committed to helping people further their career paths. We are offering special training programs with an emphasis on the most demanding skills in the labor market. We are confident that through our training program, you will obtain high-demand skills and new career opportunities. To find out more please click here.

Students can choose the course or courses that interest them, without taking the entire program. For BC residents, you may be eligible for WorkBC training funds, where you can take our programs for free. For detailed information please contact us.