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Blog - Thumbnail Digital markeitng a good career 2024 update

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in Canada? 2024 Updated

Are you curious about digital marketing careers in Canada and the various job positions available in this dynamic field? Do you know what roles are prevalent in the digital marketing industry and what their job descriptions entail, especially in the Canadian context? …

Blog - Thumbnail Whats bookkeeping

What is Bookkeeping? How to become a Bookkeeper in Canada?

Are you a student wondering about job prospects after graduation? Consider bookkeeping!  In Canada, there were approximately 237,900 bookkeepers, accounting, and related clerks employed in 2020, and this number is expected to increase to about 245,400 by 2024. Whether you’re eyeing a …

Blog - Thumbnail International students work hours

Working in Canada as an International Student in 2024: What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know Before Working as an International Student in Canada As an international student in Canada, understanding the work hours limit is crucial for balancing your academic and financial responsibilities while ensuring compliance with immigration regulations. CCC will explain …


5 Things Job Seekers Need to Consider When Doing Job Search in Vancouver

Kicking off your job search in Vancouver? It’s a mix of unique challenges and opportunities in this dynamic city. Navigating the intensive job market competition here means being clued-up on the factors that can make or break your quest for new roles. …


Top 7 reasons for International Student to study in Vancouver at Create Career College

Vancouver stands out as a highly coveted destination for international students in Canada, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant multicultural atmosphere. Vancouver has become a hub for people looking for a rich educational experience, as it is home to numerous colleges …


Co-op Program Insights: 4 Differences Between Canadian Co-ops and Internships

Have you ever pondered the distinction between co-op programs and internships? Both co-op programs and internships offer valuable hands-on experience, allowing both international and local students to gain pertinent work experience before entering the job market. While some experts suggest that the …


Writing Professional Canadian Resume [Format Style, Techniques, Example for 2024]

If you’re a newcomer to Canada seeking employment, it’s crucial to craft a Canadian resume to enhance your competitiveness in the local job market. The Canadian resume format differs significantly from CVs and resumes commonly used in other countries. Today, we’ll outline …


Exploring Insights with the Senior Director from Indeed | CCC Hospitality Class Guest Speaker Event

WhatsApp Us Contact Us On December 15th, Create Career College welcomed a guest speaker from Indeed, Sean Kravetsky. Below is a brief summary of the question and answer session during his talk. —————————————– Related articles: Why studying Hospitality Diploma is the best …


The Coexistence of AI Web Design: 4 Ways to utilize AI in Web Design?

Unless you are living under a rock, in a cave, on top of a mountain, you’ve undoubtedly heard that we’re in a significant era dominated by artificial intelligence (AI). Nowadays AI is growing at a rapid speed and influences quite a lot …


Why you should choose a Hospitality Diploma in Vancouver? Explore 4 advantages of pursuing the diploma with CCC College.

In Vancouver, a Hospitality diploma is one of the most popular courses among international and domestic students since hospitality and tourism are one of the main industries in Vancouver. Throughout the year and in every season, countless tourists visit this beautiful city …


Digital Marketing Diploma in Vancouver – 3 Step Checklist

In Vancouver, being a key economic hub in Canada, offers abundant opportunities for job seekers, making it a significant market. You can be an outstanding candidate if you have a related Digital Marketing Diploma in Vancouver to get a related job easier.  …


The Future of Work Trends 2024: 3 high demand jobs in Canada

The working trend today is constantly changing as it is affected by some global situations such as the rapid growth of Artificial intelligence (AI) and the digitization trend. How will these factors impact the future of work trends in Canada in the …


Why Earning a Hospitality Management Diploma is the Best Option in 2024 – The Growing Demand for Hospitality Industries in Canada

Are you thinking of studying a Hospitality Management Diploma and you are not sure about it? There are 3 reasons to consider it as a good opportunity for your professional path, there is a growing demand for hospitality management jobs in the …


5 Essential Job Seeking Tips for Beginners: Is it possible to find job opportunities without prior experience when job seeking?

Is it possible to find job opportunities in an industry without prior experience when job seeking? Given the current job seeking situation in Canada, it can be challenging to get a job without any work experience. Recently it has become relatively difficult …


15+ Top Job Interview Questions and Answers to Prepare | CCC

Job interview questions and answers are the common and popular topics that job seekers search on the search engine. So are you ready to step into your next job interview? Do you wish you could anticipate every question the hiring manager might …