The Power of Digital Marketing in Social Media


The Power of Digital Marketing in Social Media

What is Digital Marketing and what is Digital marketing in Social Media?

Digital marketing refers to initiatives and activities that use online media and the internet through connected devices such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, or the Internet of Things (IoT). Digital marketing initiatives usually focus on distributing a brand message or conversion-oriented messages through search engines, applications, email, and websites, aiming to reach customers through multiple channels and engage the customers to purchase their products or services. Digital marketing in social media is one of the most popular approaches that digital marketers use today. Ideally, marketing teams within companies will track the behavior and role that each of these messages and/or channels plays in reaching their ultimate goal. 


The Trend of Digital Marketing in Social Media

Since the creation of the Internet back in 1983, its growth has grown exponentially. Following that, people’s experience using online access devices expanded from only desktops or laptops to portable devices such as smart mobile phones and tablets. Moreover, cellular services have become increasingly optimized, and the mobile phones’ capabilities and the industry of the high-speed wireless internet are also multiplying. Nowadays, online resources have become more readily available in homes, businesses, and public spaces. Today, people access online resources daily, searching for information, entertainment and socialization. And now, interacting in a digital community has become an indispensable activity in people’s daily lives. 

With the rise of the human impulse to communicate and interact with others through online platforms, many information technology companies have discovered business opportunities of creating numerous social media platforms. As the social media mobile applications came into the market and could run on different portable devices, the online digital social communities became more and more available to the end-users as they could take the digital social media platforms wherever they went. Businesses took advantage of this new consumer mobility and accessibility. They started to shift their marketing strategy from physical to digital, serving their customers with new and more straightforward interaction methods. Today, social media platforms are digital places for people to make friends and interact. They are also online channels for businesses and entrepreneurs to reach out to potential customers to market their services and products. Currently, online digital marketing is still highly in demand as the number of people who go online and interact on social media platforms every day is high-rocketed and is still increasing. 

Digital Marketing in Vancouver

Vancouver is a prominent hot spot for people to reside. It is a famous city that attracts people from all over the world to start their businesses. And now, it is home to various industries in many fields. Implementing the right digital marketing strategies to increase their presence in this competitive city has become crucial. And this is why businesses shift their attention towards marketing on online digital social media platforms where massive people spend their time daily. As the demand for digital marketing rises, the need for outstanding digital marketers also increases.

Why Taking Digital Marketing Training Courses Is Important in Vancouver?

To be successful and thrive among others, businesses in Vancouver are desperate for successful digital marketing specialists to join their team to support designing marketing strategies and plans to promote their brands, services and products through advertising on digital social media platforms. And thus, a comprehensive and systematic study on how to do digital marketing and advertising on online social media sites becomes critical for young digital marketers to pursue careers in the digital marketing field. R

The Digital Marketing Diploma Program at Create Career College

Create Career College offers students a 2-year Digital Marketing Diploma program. This program aims to provide prospective young digital marketers with a solid foundation in online digital marketing through social media platforms. This program combines practical hands-on coursework with theoretical knowledge, which are the necessities of success within a digital marketing team. Our prospective digital marketing associates will learn general marketing and the technical know-how in the current social media and digital marketing industry. 


Upon the completion of the Digital Marketing Diploma program at Create Career College, our potential digital marketers are expected to be knowledgeable and skillful in:

  • Describing the online and digital marketing environment and opportunities for various organizations;
  • developing a solid digital marketing strategic plan for organizations of different sizes;
  • conducting thorough market research either online or offline;
  • identifying the right platform for online marketing and advertising;
  • creating the most appropriate social media marketing plan for a company and conducting a follow-up market research;
  • identifying and developing digital advertisements that can use in different online social media channels based on the business goals and target market;
  • utilizing online digital marketing technologies such as SEO, Ad campaigns, Google and Bing analytics; and,
  • setting up online digital marketing platforms such as Google, Bing, and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Create Career College helps to provide new digital social media marketers with professional training and guidance toward success in search of an online digital marketing job. Create your career at Create Career College, and construct your future hereafter.


For more information regarding the 2-year Digital Marketing Diploma program, please visit http://ccccollege.com/course/digital-marketing-2-year-diploma-with-co-op/