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61-year-old Student: Top 5 Reasons Why Study in Canada | CCC

Why study in Canada? Here are the top 5 reasons and advantages of studying in Canada. Let’s see what our 61-year-old Year 1 Hospitality Management Diploma student says.

Studying in Canada is a popular option for students who want to receive a relatively cheaper but well-known international education. Also, many international graduate students decide to move to Canada for permanent residence. The Canadian government offers a series of immigration programs for international students. 

What is so attractive about studying in Canada? What makes international students stay in Canada for permanent residence after graduation? This article will explain the Top 5 reasons and benefits of studying in Canada. We will also share the process of a 61-year-old student applying for a Canadian Study Permit, as well as her reasons and experiences for choosing to study abroad and immigrate to Canada.

Student Sharing

First of all, let’s take a look at the interview of Ms. Wong, a 61-year-old experienced worker in the hospitality industry. She is studying for a 2-year Hospitality Management diploma at Create Career College now. 

Ms. Wong obtained her study permit within 2 months, and the process was smooth. When elderly people apply for different types of permits and visas in Canada, applicants are very worried that age will be the biggest concern for being questioned or even rejected. She was pleasantly surprised by the successful application and believed that a successful application can be planned.

Let’s see the reasons why study in Canada and Vancouver.

“You won’t know if you don’t try.” Ms. Wong said bluntly that many Hong Kong people are afraid of not being able to get the Study Permit, so have given up the chance to apply for the Canadian express entry immigration pathway. 

Wong has been working in the hospitality industry for many years. She self-learned and enrolled in different career-related courses during her spare time. She believes that one of the reasons for her success is that she loves learning new things and can show her passion for continuing education, i.e. those vocational training courses.

For Ms. Wong, another big worry about moving to Canada is whether she can adapt to the environment here, especially jumping from a Chinese-speaking society to Canada, where English is the official language.

She admitted that she cannot understand the lecture in the first month, “Actually, I didn’t know what to do in class in the first month.” She was glad that CCC offered her the English as a Second Language Certificate so that she could quickly improve her English ability the next month.

She is currently living in Vancouver and pointed out that it is easy to adapt to different aspects. For example, “In terms of food, we can find Chinese-style soup in restaurants. We can also buy the ingredients, like Agaricus Blazei Murill and Wolfberry, from markets and make soup at home. Regarding culture, we can receive Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture treatments here too.” 

Why Study in Canada

Study in Canada? Why? Overall speaking, the quality of education and the quality of life for studying in Canada is high. That’s why many international students are hoping to study and then immigrate to Canada. 

From 2019 to 2020, about 390,000 international students studied in Canada, and the number has always been at a high level in the world. What are the factors that attract international students to study in Canada? Below are the top 5 benefits of studying in Canada.

High Living Standard

Canadian universities rank well in the world, almost equal to universities in the United Kingdom and the United States. In the QS World University Rankings 2023, three universities in Canada are ranked in the top 100, including McGill University (31), the University of Toronto (34), and the University of British Columbia (47).

Furthermore, whether it is an academic university or a vocational training college, the tuition fees are both affordable. Comparing Canada’s tuition fees and living expenses with those of the UK and the United States, the results are obvious. Canada’s tuition fees and living expenses are much lower. International students can enjoy a higher standard of living when studying in Canada.

Create Career College is a college focusing on professional skills training. For new immigrants, the courses can help students of different ages adapt to work and life here more quickly. If you already have certain work experience in Hong Kong, then the diploma courses at CCC will be your best bridging course.

Low Crime Rate

The reason why study in Canada is because of its low crime rate. When parents send their children to study abroad, what they worry about the most is their safety. In terms of safety level, Canada is your best choice. 

The Crime Index provides a view of the relative risk or crime level in a city or country. According to Numbeo’s statistics, the Crime Index in Canada is 44.27 while the corresponding safety index is 55.73. Moreover, the Crime Rate in Canada keeps decreasing every year, and security performance is getting better and better. Parents should feel more relieved when their children are studying abroad alone.

Taking the popular cities for studying abroad—Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal—for example, the crime rate has always been maintained at a low level. Therefore, these places are also listed as the cities with the best quality of life in the world.

Friendly Immigration Policy

Why do people from different countries and different races gather in Canada? Why study in Canada? It is because Canada’s immigration policy is very friendly and the immigration threshold is not high. People from other countries can immigrate to Canada through express entry, such as work, study, investment, skilled worker, etc.

Thanks to the Canada Lifeboat Scheme for Hong Kong residents, Hong Kong people keep immigrating to Canada in recent years, including Stream A In-Canada graduates, and Stream B Canadian work experience. 

The thresholds of these two immigration policies are very low. Use Stream A pathway as an example, as long as you completed at least a two-year Diploma in the Canadian government’s Designated Learning Institution; or at least a one-year Graduate / Post-graduate Diploma; or Associate / Bachelor’s / Master’s / Doctoral degree program, and meet other Stream A application requirements, you are eligible to apply for the permanent residency in Canada.

Create Career College offers a number of 2-year Diploma courses that are eligible for Stream A application, allowing Hong Kong students to apply for the PR after graduation. Therefore, this express entry scheme attracts many Hong Kong people to study and immigrate to Canada.

Exposure To Multiculturalism

Canada is a country made up of people from different races, religions, and cultural backgrounds. Residents here are open to cultural diversity. If we can live with and understand different cultures, we can then understand each other better and stops hatred and violence. It is one of the benefits of studying in Canada.

Immigrants from different countries have brought a wealth of knowledge to Canada. That’s why students can also gain a better understanding of others and themselves through a better understanding of the world. Exposure to multiculturalism in Canada can definitely pave the way for students to stand on a broader world stage in the future.

At the same time, international students have the opportunity to learn and practice foreign languages. Take Hong Kong people as an example. Hong Kong people are native Cantonese speakers. Although they learn English since childhood, they are not living in an English-speaking environment. When studying in Canada, you can hear English with different accents. Through daily conversations, your English oral ability and expressions will naturally be improved, and sound more like locals.

Education Policy Support

Canada has also invested a lot of resources in education. Children can receive free compulsory education until graduating from high school. Then they can choose whether to enter higher education or not. In 2020, the government spent about 11.4% of its GDP on supporting primary schools to tertiary education institutions. This shows that the government not only supports traditional academic research but also pays attention to field trips, projects, co-ops, etc.

Create Career College also provides co-op support to students. School’s Co-op Specialist will help students find co-op opportunities together. In addition to academic knowledge, CCC also hopes that students can learn about workplace knowledge so that new immigrants can find full-time jobs easier in the future.

Study Abroad in Canada: Popular Courses

Why study in Canada? What can the Create Career College offer?

When you are considering studying and immigrating to Canada, in addition to deciding the course you will take, you will also want to plan your career after graduation. The courses offered by Create Career College are all popular programs among international students. You can continue to read the detailed course introduction below.

Hospitality Management

The 2-year Hospitality Management Diploma is a popular subject. Students will learn theoretical knowledge in the first year and start co-op internships in the second year. With a co-op, international students can experience the local working environment and habits, so that they can use different skills proficiently when doing full-time jobs in the future.

Create Career College’s Hospitality Management diploma rising in popularity because students can find different jobs easily. Students could have the opportunities to work in different industries, such as salespersons in retail stores, shop assistants in supermarkets like Costco and T&T, baristas in coffee shops like Starbucks, housekeepers or concierge staff in hotels, chefs or servers in restaurants… Therefore, students can definitely find a job that suits them after graduation.

Digital Marketing

Regarding the popular subjects for higher education in Canada, marketing is definitely on the list. Digital marketing is an industry that lacks talent. Whether it is online e-commerce or offline stores, all companies need experts to promote products and services to other areas. 

The school’s 2-year Digital Marketing Diploma will teach theoretical knowledge in the first year, and the second year is a paid internship opportunity. Students can look for an internship related to the diploma program. Why study in Canada? During the co-op, they can learn how marketing in Canada work and gain local work experience at the same time.

Business Administration

Create Career College’s 2-year Business Administration Diploma course is a broad subject, from which students can learn the operation of the entire business model, covering areas on human resources, financial consulting, international finance, administrative support, reception, marketing, accounting, and more. 

Students will learn the above knowledge in the first year, and in the second year, they can find a co-op to practically apply the knowledge to the workplace they have learned. Apart from relying on their efforts to find a co-op job, the Co-op Specialist at CCC will help students find co-op opportunities.

Study in Canada: Summary

Why study in Canada? Why do so many international students immigrate to Canada after graduation? You can tell the reason from the above Top 5 benefits and advantages of studying in Canada. 

Let’s conclude the 5 reasons here – the high living standard, the low crime rate, the friendly immigration policies, the exposure to multiculturalism, and the support of educational policies. That’s why students from other countries are motivated to study and immigrate to Canada.

For Hong Kong people, Stream A is a rare opportunity. After graduation, Hong Kong students can directly apply for PR without needing to meet the work requirements. Create Career College is your first choice college, allowing you to gain experience in studying and working at the same time.