Why Study ESL, English as a Second Language?


Why Study ESL, English as a Second Language?

It is recommended that newcomers study ESL (English as a Second Language) when they arrive in Canada. It is a known fact: Canada has not one, but two official languages – French and English. However, the reason why French would not usually come to mind is that French speakers usually live in the Quebec/Ottawa regions while English-speakers are everywhere else. This is one of the reasons why we advise you to take ESL courses in areas like Vancouver where English is the order of the day. That is not the only one though. In this article, we explore more on why British Columbia is the best bet for your international plan.

Immersion: Experience Language in Action

Perhaps the best reason why you would enjoy studying an ESL course in Vancouver is the fact that you are among other English speakers. This means you can have an accelerated growth and learning curve if you were somewhere else that did not have the English language to be the main tongue. After studying the basics in class, you get to go out there and experience the language in action. This makes it easy for you to understand the contexts, nuances, slangs and other parts of the language that you might not have grasped in another ESL community.

Career Boost: Have an international resume to go beyond

Believe it or not, the workplace of today is looking past just the qualifications on your CV. The kind of extra skills you have – of which language is a serious one – also determines your importance to the company. Speaking fluent English means that you can be trusted to understand and relate to the customers/ clients without trouble. On the other hand, it also means that the company can depend on you for overseas trips to other English-speaking countries. Since you are learning English as a second language, you also have a better advantage of enjoying travel benefits when your company wants to expand into regions where you understand their language. This is because you will be able to help relate the local context to the English language. Those are just some of the benefits of having ESL on your resume in the workplace.

Education: You have to know English to study in English

Being the most used official language, and the dominant one in Canada, there is no way you can enjoy education here without knowledge of English. Besides the fact that your instructors are teaching in English, the material you would be given (handouts, textbooks, etc.) will also come in the same language. Even if you find a way around that, there would still be the place of exams and tests that would be set in the basic English language. No matter how you look at it, the English language is one tool that you cannot do without.

Community: The more you speak the more you connect

Recall how we talked about being able to get the language faster since you are immersed in a location where you will be able to enhance your skills faster? That is just half the story. The growth and development of British Columbia means that the region attracts a lot of people from all around the world. Here, you will find international students, those coming over on work visas and permanent residents that have just had their stay in the country approved. All of these people will also be looking to add a lot of good English to their vocabulary so that they can enjoy their day to day activities with ease. Thus, you are in a great company of like minds who are also willing to learn. 

Believe us when we say that this will also provide a boost for you to take your ESL classes seriously.

Extra Benefits: Exercise your brain

You might not have heard this before, but learning a new language and committing to it is great for your brain and mind. It improves your capacity for solving complex problems while keeping your mind flexible at the same time. According to research, your brain cells will also age slower, ensuring better brain health overall. This is in addition to all the benefits which the language will afford you from above.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Studying the English language can be a huge move towards kickstarting your career, whether you plan to work in English-speaking countries or just having better chances in your current location. This does not mean you would be deserting your mother tongue as a new language will even help you to appreciate your main language better. Before committing to any learning plan, make sure it fits into your learning model as well. That will ensure you can learn naturally and at your own pace. 

We have different programs for you to choose from, depending on why you want to study ESL in Vancouver, how flexible your hours are, and more.