How to Become a Health Care Assistant in BC, Canada


The Health Care industry in Canada is a large one and comprises various areas, where people can obtain employment. A good way to enter the industry and deal with clients firsthand is to be a Health Care Assistant. A Health Care Assistant works in a variety of institutional and community settings.  They provide care and supervision for clients/residents who have complex health challenges.

How to Become a Health Care Assistant in BC, Canada

How to Become a Health Care Assistant in BC.

To become a licensed Health Care Assistant in BC, you must first complete an officially recognized program, at a designated college such as Create Career College.  The program must be approved by the “BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry”. 

During the program, students will gain valuable knowledge, and work experience through clinical and practicum. This will provide the necessary tools and preparation, for students to enter and perform successfully in the workplace.  Once the program is complete, the students must first register with the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry, to receive their license.  When the registration is approved, the students will receive their license and can begin to apply to work as Health Care Assistants or related positions in BC. 

Who is it for? Are international students eligible for this program?

Some choose to upgrade their skills over time and may end up being nurses after further education and experience.  Others may decide to have a long and fulfilling career as a Health care Assistant. 

Most Health Care programs in Canada only accept domestic students. Therefore, international students are not eligible to apply to those institutions.  However, there are a few institutions in Canada that accept international students to their Health Care programs. One of these institutions is Create Career College. The 26-week Health Care Assistant diploma program is designed with international students in mind. We go beyond academic support. We assist international students with housing, English, and work opportunity to help them to gain Canadian experience.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are qualified to work in a variety of practice settings including home support, assisted living, residential/complex care, special care units, and other home and community care settings.

All in all, to be successful as a Health Care Assistant, one must have a lot of patience when dealing with others.  Each client will provide a different challenge, and so a real dedication towards caring for others is required to be successful. 

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