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CCC's mission is to provide intensive accredited professional vocational career training programs to everyone, regardless of their age and background. Our diploma programs in Vancouver equip students with the tools to excel in the dynamic business world.

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At Create Career College, our comprehensive college diploma programs offer vocational education training, specifically tailored to meet industry demands, ensuring your preparedness for success in today’s competitive job market. Explore our career programs in Vancouver, Canada, and online to begin your journey today!

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Take Your Career to the Next Level in Vancouver, Canada

100% Practicum Placement

At Create Career College, we're committed to your success, both inside and outside the classroom. As a leading vocational training career college in Vancouver, we go beyond traditional education. Our experienced advisors help you secure suitable practicum placements with top Canadian local companies, ensuring the real-world application of your skills gained from our vocational training courses. Whether you're changing careers or advancing your current one, our practical approach sets us apart.

Your success is our priority, from learning to your career.


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Why Choose Create Career College?

Career College in Vancouver

Theory-Practice Combination

CCC has established long-term partnerships with local enterprises across various industries, providing students with valuable Canadian local Co-op experience and real-world career training.

Career Path Assistance

Our dedicated advisors at CCC offer personalized career assistance to help students maximize their potential and enhance their competitiveness in Canada’s current job market.

Small Class Sizes

With a low student-to-teacher ratio, Create Career College (CCC) ensures that each student receives immediate feedback and maximum attention from our professional instructors.

Flexible Monthly Enrolment

CCC offers flexible monthly enrollment options for our diploma and vocational training programs,  making education accessible and convenient for students with diverse schedules.

Online & In-Person Courses

Create Career College (CCC) provides flexible online and in-person diploma courses, ideal for both full-time and part-time working students aiming to advance their careers.

DLI Approved College

Create Career College (CCC), a career-oriented Vancouver college, is a DLI and PTIB-certified courses offering practical, industry-aligned education for career-focused success in Vancouver, BC.

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