Tuition & Fees​

View the annual tuition fees for all available programs and other student fees for both domestic students and international students.

If you have past education experience and work experience, you might be eligible for a scholarship at Create Career College. Please contact our student admission team directly to learn more about your eligibility.

Financial Aid


At Create Career College (CCC College), our student advisor team is happy to help students access a variety of financial assistance resources in Canada, such as scholarships for tuition and fees, StudentAid BC, EI Training, and more. We are committed to helping students set up a financial plan that they can benefit from the most.

Contact us now for more detailed information on financial aid for tuition and fees.

StudentAid BC


StudentAid BC helps B.C. residents overcome the financial burden of post-secondary education. There are 3 types of loans available to B.C. residents:

  1. British Columbia student loans.
  2. Canada student loans.
  3. Part-time Canada student loans. 
    For detailed information, please contact our financial advisor or visit StudentAid BC for aid with tuition and fees.

Work BC


If you are currently unemployed or unable to find a job with your existing skills, you may be eligible for temporary financial support in tuition and fees.

*The amount of funding is on an individual case basis. Contact a WorkBC case manager or visit WorkBC for detailed EI Training information.