We Accept Visitor Visa for EAP and ESL Classes!

While most people think that a study visa is a must-have if you want to study academic courses in Canada, you might not know that the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (CIC) allows students to study in Canada without a study visa if the program lasts less than 6 months. At Create Career College we accept Visitor Visa for EAP and ESL classes. 

We Accept Visitor Visa for EAP and ESL Classes!

What does it mean?


  • Nowadays it takes more than 100 days to complete a study permit application, however, it could only take 30 days (the fastest)  to get your visitor visa. It is especially beneficial for some countries’ citizens because the visitor visa grants them multiple entries for 10 years 
  • Additionally, for students who want to study abroad in Canada as exchange students, there is no need to apply for a study visa if their programs last less than 6 months. (In Canada, one semester is usually 4 months)

We Accept Visitor Visa for EAP and ESL Classes

English is the world’s most spoken language by population and it is the official language of Canada. Therefore, for people who would like to learn some new skills while staying in Canada as a visitor, language courses could be a good option.  

A true story from our student: How do I make the best use out of my visitor visa?

‘I came to Canada to take care of my cousin’s kids. During the day when my nephew was in school, I would go to the ESL school to enhance my English skill. After studying for 4 months, I passed all the levels and was motivated by my cousin to take more skill-focused courses (such as the health-care assistant certificate program). Luckily, the school offered me a seat and now I am applying for a study permit that allows me to stay and study in Canada for 1 more year. As someone who is 30 years old, I never thought I would have the chance to attend the official educational institutions again, but life is all about learning!

We Accept Visitor Visa for EAP and ESL Classes!

At Create Career College, We offer both ESL and EAP courses.

What is ESL (English as a second language)? Click Here

What is EAP? (English for academic purposes)? Click Here

How is EAP better than ESL?

Upon completion of the EAP program, our students can directly enroll in Lakeland College without the need of submitting IELTS scores. 

We Accept Visitor Visa for EAP and ESL Classes!

Additionally, compared to ESL classes which focus on conversational English, EAP courses focus on training academic English, such as how to write academic papers, cite properly, and use the most accurate word under the right grammar.

Lakeland College is a public college in the province of Alberta, it is one of our newest academic partners. 

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