Why Earning a Hospitality Management Diploma is the Best Option in 2024 – The Growing Demand for Hospitality Industries in Canada


Why Earning a Hospitality Management Diploma is the Best Option in 2024 – The Growing Demand for Hospitality Industries in Canada

Are you thinking of studying a Hospitality Management Diploma and you are not sure about it? There are 3 reasons to consider it as a good opportunity for your professional path, there is a growing demand for hospitality management jobs in the province of British Columbia, and for those who graduated from Hospitality Diploma the possibilities of getting an attractive job offer are wide. 

Current Hospitality Management Job Trends in Canada


Source: Employment generated by tourism Statistic Canada

Studying a Hospitality Diploma in Canada is a rough decision to make, because you are investing time, funds and energy, so you need to address all this effort and convert it into a beneficial option. A Hospitality Management Diploma is an outstanding choice, according to Statistics Canada, there were over 30,000 job vacancies in the hotel and food services industry in Canada as of 2023.

Based on this insight, the Hospitality Diploma is the best option if you are looking for a successful hospitality career in Canada. In addition, the Vancouver area and the cities around it are one of the most visited for domestic and international visitors during the whole year, because of the amazing views, the contact with nature, surrounded by coast, mountains and famous because of the beautiful and warm winters.


Growing Demand of Hospitality Workers in Canada

Why the 2-Year Hospitality Management Diploma is Your Best Choice

Due to the increased demand on the hospitality careers in Canada, Create Career College decided to launch the Hospitality Management Diploma in 2013. We offer classroom lessons, company visits, and a co-op program, so the students would acquire the knowledge and necessary skills for the  hospitality industry. But there is 4 main reasons why you should study a Hospitality Diploma at Create Career College:

The Growing Number of Hospitality Diploma Graduates

Oh Canada! One of the best destinations for visitors over the world, due to diverse cultural experiences, multicultural activities, an increase of Hospitality professionals is needed and high demand for lodging. You can find the scope and benefits of pursuing a Hospitality Management Diploma in Canada:

  • According to Statistics Canada, the employment rate for hotel managers in Canada was 10.2% in 2022. The demand for hotel managers is expected to grow in the coming years, driven by the increasing number of tourists and the need for new hotels and resorts.
  • There were over 30,000 job vacancies in the hotel and food services industry in Canada as of 2023. This includes positions in hotel management, hospitality management, and related fields.
  • According to the Hotel Association of Canada, there are over 300 5-star hotels in Canada, located in major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary.
  • Additionally, Canada’s reputation for quality of life, safety, and strong economy make it an attractive option for both domestic and international travelers.


CCC 2 Years Hospitaity Diploma Provides CO-OP Work Experience for Students

The Alliances Between Institutes and Create Career College for a Hospitality Diploma

Established in 1953, the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute is the premier source for delivering quality hospitality education, training and professional certification that serves the needs of hospitality schools and industries worldwide. 

AHLEI provides curriculum and exams that support the American Hotel & Lodging’s Association’s professional certifications, validating competencies in conjunction with academic and industry experts for more than 20 positions in the hospitality industry; designations from line-level to general manager, including the prestigious CHA – the Certified Hotel Administrator. AHLEI also publishes textbooks that include a final exam that leads to an academic certification of completion, as well as additional certificates and diplomas for completing multiple-course sequences.

The Hospitality Management Diploma at Create Career College offers advanced operational skill sets and work experience to students who aspire to succeed in the hospitality industry. Create Career College is in collaboration with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) to offer a distinct Hospitality Diploma program with Co-op opportunities. AHLEI is widely recognized as the pre-eminent leader in Hospitality Certification. Hospitality Management Diploma Students at Create Career College will take an AHLEI certificate test every month. A total of up-to 12 certificates and a diploma will be presented upon graduation.

Trusted Hospitality Management Diploma Approved by the Government

While you are choosing a College, you should be aware that your education is valuable, and you need to study in a trusted institute. All the Create Career College’s programs, including Hospitality Diploma are approved by the Government of Canada. There are 2 institutions that recognize the educational programs: The Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) that regulates private training institutions in British Columbia and provides consumer protection to students. As well as the Designated learning institutions list (DLI) is a school approved by a provincial or territorial government to host international students.

Create Career College is approved by these institutions, your studies are guaranteed and you would have the opportunity to get a Study and work permit attending the Hospitality Diploma

Whistler Fairmont Hospitality Diploma

The co-op program can facilitate college students to practice their in-class theory. Whether students choose a one-year certificate program or a two-year Hospitality Diploma, Create Career College would provide them with work opportunities (up to 48 weeks). 

At Create Career College you would find support and assistance by the career advisors, they will help students to tailor their resumes and provide mock interviews. Some of our previous students worked as coffee baristas at a local coffee shop and other students worked at the Hilton Hotel as front desk assistants. 

Currently we have a partnership with Whistler Fairmont, which is one of the most visited places for visitors during all the seasons.  This agreement with Fairmont facilitates the job opportunities for Hospitality Diploma graduates from our College.

To learn more about our support, You can visit: https://ccccollege.com/co-op-program-ccc-find-a-job-4-ways/