Apply for Canada EI and Government Funded Program For Free


Apply for Canada EI and Government Funded Program For Free

In Canada, EI is also known as Employment Insurance, a benefit the Canadian government provides for unemployed people. In the province of British Columbia (BC), if you have been laid off and are actively seeking employment, you may be eligible to apply for Canada EI to receive temporary financial assistance from the BC government. However, not all unemployed individuals qualify for unemployment assistance. For example, those who voluntarily left their jobs, who were dismissed for misconduct, or who were involved in strikes, work stoppages, or other labour disputes.

The benefits of Canada EI include regular benefits, sickness benefits, maternity and parental benefits, and benefits for self-employed individuals. WorkBC also offers employment services, where unemployed individuals can not only receive Canada EI benefits but also have the opportunity to enroll in free vocational training diploma courses to enhance their professional skills. The goal of these government funded programs is to help the unemployed find a job successfully after graduation.

Free Government Funded Program

Create Career College (CCC), located in the Greater Vancouver Area of BC, has received funding from the BC government to offer government-funded programs. These vocational training courses provide eligible unemployed workers with free diploma programs, helping them enhance career-focused professional skills and re-enter the workforce after graduation.

This is a 100% government-funded program, and qualified students can enroll in this reeducation or retraining course without paying tuition fees. The employment rate for those graduates is as high as 90%. For those facing unemployment and job difficulties, this free educational program is definitely good news!

CCC offers 6 government-funded programs and diploma courses, each with its own vocational direction, including:

  • Digital Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Social Media Marketing Expert
    • Digital Marketing Specialist
    • Content Writer
    • Online Advertising Manager
  • Hospitality Management
    • Front Desk Staff
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Customer Relations Officer
    • Hotel Front Desk Receptionist
    • Room Service Staff
    • Food and Beverage Server
  • Web Design and Development
    • Web Design Specialist
    • Front-end Developer
    • Back-end Developer
    • Website Developer
    • UI/UX Designer
    • Web Information Architect
  • Accounting
    • Accounting Assistant
    • Accounting Technician
    • Bookkeeper
    • Financial Officer
    • Accounts Receivable Clerk
    • Accounts Payable Clerk
    • Income Tax Filing Preparer
    • General Ledger Clerk
  • Business Administration
    • Marketing Assistant
    • Accounting Assistant
    • Receptionist
    • Office Staff
    • Office Administrator
    • Corporate Secretary Assistant
  • No-Code Development & UI/UX
    • Front-end Developer
    • Back-end Developer
    • Project Manager
    • UI/UX Designer
    • Web Designer
    • Product Manager

Each course lasts 52 weeks. Students can choose to attend in-person classes or online lectures. Individuals interested in participating in this free government-funded program could contact Create Career College to learn about the application process.

Eligibility for CCC Government-Funded Programs

Part 1: Canadian Identity + Current BC Residency

  • Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) / Canadian Citizen
  • High School Graduates / Students aged 19 or above
  • Passed CCC’s English Placement Test

Part 2: Current Employment Status

  • Unemployed

Part 3: EI Qualification (Only one of the following needs to be met)

  • BCEA PWD Clients / Non-PWD Clients
  • Regular EI Benefits Recipient
  • Received Regular EI Benefits in the past 60 months
  • Earned more than CAD2,000 in insurable earnings and paid employee EI premiums on those earnings in at least 5 of the last 10 years (not necessarily continuous 5 years)

Part 4: WorkBC Management

  • Have a WorkBC Case Manager
  • Have an Action Plan endorsed by the Case Manager, outlining reasonable steps for the applicant to achieve their occupational goals.

Canada EI & Government Funded Programs: Conclusion

The BC government-funded training courses provide opportunities for unemployed people to pursue further education. After completing CCC’s courses, students not only receive a diploma certificate but also have the chance to re-enter the workforce. For more information on applying for Canada EI and enrolling in the free vocational training courses, please contact Create Career College (http://ccccollege.com/ or +1(778)379-0909) for further details.