Why Choose to Study in Burnaby?

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Meet Burnaby, a Growing City in Metro Vancouver Located right besides Vancouver (a 20 minutes ride by SkyTrain), in the year 1992 the status of “city” was granted to Burnaby. The growth of the city was seen after thirty to forty years of its incorporation. One of the significant factors of its growth was its prime location. The city is located between the developing and urban parts of New Westminster and Vancouver. During the initial years of its settlement, this suburb was a major rural area that was supplying agricultural products to its nearby valleys and markets. But with its constant growth and development, Burnaby turned out to be an essential transit corridor. The city serves as an important trade route between the Fraser Valley, Vancouver, and the other parts of the province. People who want to lead a good life, working and slow living, will find significant opportunities in Metro Vancouver. In order to grow a healthy economy, the city is committed towards sustainability, vibrancy, and shows concern for its natural environment. This means you can enjoy a peaceful neighborhood while still being a part of Vancouver’s vibrant cultural scene.  Why study or live in Burnaby? Well, if you are planning to move or visit Burnaby, then you can trust your instincts as this city is full of opportunities, activities, and amenities.  Along with this, the oceans, mountains, markets, cultural life, and the education sector of the city makes it one of the attractive and remarkable places to live. When it comes to the weather, this suburb has a dry and warm summer climate. The city receives little snowfall as compared to the other parts of Vancouver. There are many features of Burnaby which makes it perfect for living. If you wish to chase your career here, then you have easy […]
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Studying English in Canada!

Education in Canada
Why Studying English in Canada? Studying and vacations usually don’t go in the same sentence. But studying English in Canada gives you a perfect chance to explore beautiful views of Vancouver and improve your English skills as well.  These two can get along perfectly, especially if you decide to take a short-stay ESL program and improve your English. One week? Two weeks? A month? No matter what’s your time frame – Vancouver has options that will fit your schedule and career. If you are wondering whether an ESL course is a good idea for you, and if you are considering taking it in Vancouver, this list might be helpful.  Focus on your Resume Without proper knowledge of English and an accompanying certificate, your resume may seem a bit empty to a potential employer. Even if your resume is rich in information about technical skills that you may have, language skills always take a special spot in resumes, especially when it comes to English. Attending an ESL program will enable you to improve that part of your resume very quickly. And if that language experience takes place in an English-native country such as Canada – known for its excellent educational system you will stand out from everybody else. Want a Career Boost? Your resume should take you to your desired working position, to a well-paying job that you will love to do. Nowadays, virtually all positions require you to be proficient in English, especially if you have aspirations to get promoted one day and experience professional prosperity. Traveling abroad on business trips? Dealing with international clients? Expanding your keywords and digital search abilities? Being recognized as someone who masters the universal language is something that may help you achieve your long-term dreams. Whether you are pursuing a job or you are already employed, […]
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Diploma vs Certificate: Which one is for you?

Diploma vs Certificate: Which one is for you?
You don’t know how to choose your program? We’ll help you with Career decisions. Diploma vs Certificate? Building a successful career is a challenging task that often requires more than just obtaining a university degree. In many cases, it takes the dedication of personal time and effort, as well as continuous training and education. However, in recent years you can observe many people that are after a change in their career, as there are vocations with greater potential. If you have just started thinking about your future, need a professional change, or want a career boost then you can take advantage of two other options: diploma vs certificate. Both diplomas and certificates are offered by the Canadian education system and might be the solution you are looking for. In this article, we are going to explain Diploma vs Certificate: what they are and what is the difference in Canada, and which one would be ideal for your specific case. Short-term and specific fields? TRY A CERTIFICATE A certificate is obtained by students who have attended a short college program that doesn’t exceed two semesters. This one-year education program focuses on courses of a particular subject. For this reason, a certificate is desirable for those who seek to enhance their career prospects. Along with the courses, the student that has been awarded a certificate has also completed field training, thus gaining valuable experience. However, this type of program doesn’t offer a general overview of the field.  At Create Career College, we offer Certificates in Accounting and Hospitality Management – both with 32 weeks duration Advantages of Certificate Digging a little deeper into the potential of a certificate, let’s take a closer look at its advantages: A certificate is a short-term program. Its duration varies between 8 and 12 months. It enables you to maintain a flexible […]
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