The Future of Work Trends 2024: 3 high demand jobs in Canada


The Future of Work Trends 2024: 3 high demand jobs in Canada

The working trend today is constantly changing as it is affected by some global situations such as the rapid growth of Artificial intelligence (AI) and the digitization trend.

How will these factors impact the future of work trends in Canada in the upcoming year, 2024?

This article will explain the upcoming trends of the labour market and also list the 3 trend job sectors expected to experience increased demand in 2024.


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The 3 highly In-demand Jobs in Canada 2024

Looking at the trending jobs and industries, which helps you decide your future career!

・Sales and Marketing


・IT (Information Technology)

Future of Work in Canada


Source: Statistic Canada

The report provided by Indeed: Indeed 2024 Canada Jobs and Hiring Trends Report offers a comprehensive overview of the current state of the Canadian labor market and gives valuable insights into future of work trends for the upcoming year.

According to the report, the primary structural trend to monitor in 2024 will be how the market responds to and integrates new artificial intelligence tools. This encompasses the involvement of Canadian technology in crafting these tools, as reflected in the gradually increasing proportion of job postings referencing generative artificial intelligence. However, the crucial aspect lies in its potential extensive implementation throughout the labor market.

Additionally, one of the keys to the future of work in Canada is the increasing Canadian population. Due to international migration, particularly from those with temporary work and study visas, foreign job seekers’ interest in Canadian postings has risen, indicating continued interest in immigration.

The Future of Work Trend 1: Sales and Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also an important key for the sales and marketing future of work. AI is significantly reshaping the landscape of Sales and Marketing, necessitating that employers stay abreast of these changes.

The need for professionals in sales and marketing is expected to stay robust throughout the entirety of 2024. Especially, Digital Marketing exerts a compelling influence on the future of work trends.  Positioned as the future of marketing, its prominence is poised to escalate significantly, particularly in Canada, over the upcoming years.


AI influences the future of work
  • Digital Marketing Trend

With an increasing number of companies adopting digital marketing approaches to connect with their consumer base, the demand for careers in this field is on the rise. In the era of the future of work, The Canadian Job Bank(Link) projects that there will be 73,700 opportunities for digital marketing specialists from 2022 to 2031, with 67,200 individuals actively seeking these positions.  As the digital marketing industry is constantly evolving, job seekers should keep up-to-date in the trend and new information in technology.

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  • AI and Sales / Marketing

With the assistance of AI-driven tools and algorithms, we can scrutinize extensive datasets to acquire profound insights into the behaviours and preferences of customers. This empowers companies to craft highly personalized marketing campaigns, customize product suggestions, and deliver timely and pertinent messages to prospective customers. Moreover, AI aids in forecasting sales trends and refining pricing strategies, leading to enhanced efficiency in sales and increased revenue.

AI is transforming the landscape of Sales and Marketing, elevating customer engagement, simplifying operations, and yielding improved business outcomes. Companies must seek professionals equipped with AI skills to harness the benefits that AI can deliver. As the organization explores avenues to leverage the sales and marketing trends for 2024 in the context of the future of work, staying informed about emerging developments is crucial.

The Future of Work Trend 2: IT (Information Technology)

Despite certain Canadian tech companies downsizing their workforce due to global economic uncertainties, the cities in Canada, especially Tronto and Vancouver, continue to stand out as one of the most appealing hubs for tech talent in North America, as indicated by a recent report from CBRE Group Inc.

The report, known as the Scoring Tech Talent report(Link) and focused on ranking the leading tech employment markets in North America, highlights that Vancouver hosted 111,100 tech jobs while Tront hosted 285,700 tech jobs in 2022. In the context of the future of work, these findings underscore the city’s resilience and attractiveness within the tech sector. While there is a wide range of Tech positions, we would like to focus on “Project Manager” and “Frontend Developer” in this section since these two will be highly in-demand positions in 2024.

  • Project Manager

Needless to say, the contribution of product managers is vital for the success of a project. Their role involves recognizing the requirements of their customers and the overarching business goals their product aims to achieve. Subsequently, they guarantee the fulfillment of those needs and desires by collaborating with the product team to deliver. In essence, this position amalgamates various domains, including business, technology, and user experience. The important point is even if you have enough specific skills in IT, you cannot necessarily become a product/project manager.

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Project Management skill is important for the future of work
  • Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer is another trending position in Canada. Frontend Developers play a crucial role in crafting the visual components of a website or app, encompassing aspects like layout and navigation. The user interface—the visual elements and interactions users experience when visiting a website or mobile app—is meticulously designed by frontend developers utilizing web languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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The Future of Work Trend 2: Accounting

Accounting-related jobs can be another future of work trends 2024.

There is an abundance of accounting job openings in Canada for both domestic and international students that offer high-paid opportunities and remarkable career advancement in the field. The Canadian Job Bank shows that there will be 88,000 opportunities for Financial auditors and accountants from 2022 to 2031, with 79,800 individuals actively seeking these positions.

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Accounting is the future of work trend


In summary, the future of work in Canada 2024 is mainly shaped by AI growth and digitization. This trend extends to various job sectors, including Sales and Marketing, Accounting, and Information Technology (IT).

Create Career College (CCC) programs, including Digital Marketing and Accounting diplomas, align with these industry trends and highly in-demand job markets.

As the landscape evolves, staying informed and continually updating skills will be vital for success in the Canadian job market.