Top 7 reasons for International Student to study in Vancouver at Create Career College


Top 7 reasons for International Student to study in Vancouver at Create Career College

Vancouver stands out as a highly coveted destination for international students in Canada, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant multicultural atmosphere. Vancouver has become a hub for people looking for a rich educational experience, as it is home to numerous colleges and universities that welcome a diverse community of learners. In this article, we delve into the top seven compelling reasons why international students are drawn to study in Vancouver, a city where academic excellence meets the allure of a thriving metropolitan lifestyle.




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Reason 1: Vancouver Education System

When international students make decisions about colleges and universities, they prioritize understanding the education system of the city. In this chapter, let’s delve into the details of Vancouver’s education system.

Known for outstanding academic programs, excellent facilities, and exceptional teachers, Vancouver boasts one of the best schooling systems.

Vancouver’s reputation for quality education extends to Canadian universities, consistently ranked among the world’s top. With 32 universities in Canada, four outstanding institutions reside in British Columbia. The cost of education in Canada is more affordable than in the US, making it an attractive option. Additionally, Canadian universities and colleges often provide paid Co-op programs, allowing students in Vancouver to gain valuable local or international work experience while building their professional network.

Create Career College has a pathway program that further facilitates students in applying to their preferred university and college upon graduation.

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Reason 2: Working opportunities for students


Vancouver colleges are renowned for its excellence in higher education

In Vancouver, students at both the college and university levels have abundant work opportunities even while pursuing their studies. Thanks to Canada’s provision allowing up to 20 hours of work per week for those with a study permit, international students can effectively balance work and study commitments. This unique arrangement empowers them to acquire valuable local work experience, setting the foundation for their future careers.

Moreover, numerous colleges and universities in Vancouver offer co-op programs, providing students with the opportunity to acquire practical work experience and establish valuable professional connections.

Create Career College extends co-op programs to both local and international students aspiring to advance their careers in Vancouver.

To learn more about our Co-op programs: https://ccccollege.com/co-op-programs-opportunities/

Reason 3: Quality of life

International students enrolled in Vancouver colleges must prioritize ensuring their safety while living in the city.

In the latest report on the safest countries to travel in 2024, Canada secured the top position, according to the findings by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP), a travel insurance provider based in Wisconsin.

Recognized as one of the safest countries, as mentioned earlier, Canada provides international students with convenient access to essential amenities, clean air, water, and outstanding healthcare and education infrastructure.


Reason 4: Diversity

Vancouver stands out for its rich diversity in both ethnic and linguistic communities. Over the past three decades, immigration numbers have steadily increased, contributing to the city’s multicultural fabric. Approximately half of Vancouver’s population doesn’t speak English as their native language, with 30 percent having Chinese roots. Notably, the city is also home to residents with diverse heritages, including Scandinavian, Italian, Ukrainian, and Greek backgrounds.


Vancouver’s colleges offer a diverse environment

In the midst of this cultural tapestry, colleges in Vancouver emerge as an integral part of the community. The colleges embraces and reflects the city’s diversity, providing an inclusive environment for students from various cultural backgrounds. With its commitment to fostering a global perspective, Create Career College in Vancouver area becomes a unique educational hub within this vibrant, multicultural metropolis.

At Create Career College, students from diverse international backgrounds come together to learn. It’s a place where you not only acquire knowledge but also have the opportunity to make friends from around the world right here in Vancouver!

Reason 5: Nature

During their time studying at colleges, international students in Vancouver have numerous opportunities to appreciate nature.

Nestled amidst snow-capped mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver is strategically positioned, making it a haven for adventure seekers. Renowned for its efficient transportation system, locals often embark on day trips to indulge in skiing at Grouse Mountain and Cypress Mountain, soaking up the sun at Kitsilano Beach and English Bay, or strolling through Stanley Park – one of North America’s largest urban parks.

In contrast to Toronto or Montreal, Vancouver boasts a mild climate even during winter, ensuring comfort for college students. This climate provides a harmonious blend of minimal snowfall and moderate summers, offering activities for every season.

To learn more about Vancouver’s seasonal activities and jobs, visit here:


For students at colleges in Vancouver, this vibrant city offers not just academic growth but a gateway to a diverse array of outdoor activities and experiences throughout the year.


Vancouver is known for its beautiful natural surroundings


Reason 6: Public transportation

Vancouver’s well-developed and user-friendly transportation system makes it easy for college students, including those from abroad, to commute to and from their campuses.

Vancouver relies primarily on buses, SkyTrains, and ferries for transportation. Monthly passes are available for convenient travel, allowing passengers to simply tap their passes when using these modes of transportation. In contrast to some Canadian cities where owning a car is necessary due to underdeveloped public transportation, Vancouver provides the freedom to explore various destinations solely through its well-established public transit system.

Create Career College is situated in Burnaby, just a 20-minute drive from Downtown Vancouver.

The nearby station is Metrotown, hosting one of the largest shopping malls named Metropolis. This convenience makes it easier for college students to purchase daily essentials or groceries after their classes.

Access to our college: https://ccccollege.com/contact-us/

Reason 7: Immigration Policy

Explore guidelines for obtaining a Student Visa in Canada, specifically tailored for universities and colleges in Vancouver, and you’ll discover the simplicity and transparency of the visa process. The opportunities for studying and working in Canada, along with the generous stay-back options and post-study work permits, are among the most liberal globally. Upon completing your studies at universities and colleges in Vancouver, you can enjoy a stay-back period of up to 3 years. Many students take advantage of this to apply for permanent residency.


In summary, Vancouver extends an inviting hand to college students, presenting an amalgamation of academic excellence and urban vitality.

The city’s allure lies in:

  • Educational Excellence: Vancouver’s esteemed academic programs
  • Work Opportunities: International students benefit from abundant work options during studies and practical co-op programs
  • Quality Living: Vancouver’s top safety ranking ensures a secure and comfortable environment.
  • Diverse Environment: Create Career College reflects Vancouver’s inclusive communities, showcasing the city’s diversity.
  • Nature’s Beauty: Year-round outdoor experiences amidst Vancouver’s stunning landscapes.
  • Efficient Commute: Public transportation, including buses, SkyTrains, and ferries, ensures convenient travel for college students in Vancouver.
  • Smooth Immigration: Transparent student visa guidelines and generous post-graduate stay-back options pave the way for permanent residency.

Ultimately, Vancouver’s colleges promise not only exceptional education but also a transformative experience in a diverse, safe, and accessible city—an ideal destination for those seeking a dynamic educational journey.