Why you should choose a Hospitality Diploma in Vancouver? Explore 4 advantages of pursuing the diploma with CCC College.


Why you should choose a Hospitality Diploma in Vancouver? Explore 4 advantages of pursuing the diploma with CCC College.

In Vancouver, a Hospitality diploma is one of the most popular courses among international and domestic students since hospitality and tourism are one of the main industries in Vancouver. Throughout the year and in every season, countless tourists visit this beautiful city for various reasons. Consequently, Vancouver remains bustling with tourists year-round, providing ample job opportunities for the hospitality industry.

Today, we will outline why choosing a Hospitality Diploma in Vancouver presents a fantastic opportunity for students, incorporating the latest information.


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Tourism and Hospitality is one of the Main Industries in Vancouver

When considering the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining a hospitality diploma in Vancouver, it becomes challenging to identify any significant drawbacks. Especially, one of the key advantages of pursuing a hospitality diploma is that Tourism and Hospitality stand out as major industries in Vancouver.

In 2023, Vancouver received several prestigious accolades at the World Travel Awards for North America:


Source: Destination Vancouver

Looking back over the years, Vancouver has been recognized and awarded(Link) for various achievements in the past including Top Destination in Canada – TripAdvisor’s 2019 Travelers’ Choice Awards (March 2019) and Best Cities in the World – Conde Nast Traveler (November 2018).

As you can imagine from this data, the tourism and hospitality industry in Vancouver has been thriving for years. 

Therefore, pursuing a hospitality diploma in Vancouver is crucial to broaden your prospects in this flourishing industry for future career growth.

Seasonal Job Opportunities for Hospitality Diploma Students in Vancouver

When you think about getting a hospitality diploma in Vancouver, you might have concerns about the impact of seasonal factors on job opportunities in the hospitality industry. In certain cities, there is a clear distinction between slow and busy seasons.

In Vancouver, however, there are enough job opportunities suitable for each season. 

  • Spring / Summer 

Many tourists from around the world come to enjoy the comfortable and pleasant weather during this season. Especially, Vancouver is renowned for its prestigious cruise ship terminal, offering captivating destinations including Alaska every summer.

According to CityNews Vancouver(Link), between April and October of 2023, the Port of Vancouver welcomed over 330 cruise ships, setting a new record for Canada Place. This figure reflects a nine percent rise compared to the 2022 season, during which there were 307 visits.

As numerous visitors arrive this season, all sectors of the hospitality industry, including restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions, are actively seeking to hire. This indicates plentiful job opportunities in Vancouver, and possessing a hospitality diploma would be advantageous.

Main Job Opportunities in Spring / Summer
  • Restaurant server
  • Customer experience representatives
  • Hotel front
  • Gift shop staff


The Port of Vancouver is the largest port in Canada
  • Autumn / Winter 

Autumn remains a favoured season in Vancouver for its vibrant foliage and picturesque trees. Vancouver has a lot of parks and gardens which have stunning views in autumn such as the VanDusen Botanical Garden and Queen Elizabeth Park.

When it comes to winter, people might envision harsh conditions and sparse outdoor activities. However, contrary to these expectations, Vancouver experiences a bustling winter season with numerous events, making it another active period. One of the most anticipated events for both locals and visitors is the hockey game held at Rogers Arena. The Vancouver Canucks, a professional ice hockey team based in Vancouver, boast a broad fan base, both within and beyond the city. Hence, there are opportunities for employment in and around the arena during the winter season.

In addition, there are many Christmas events in winter including a Christmas market at Canada Place and Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension.

Furthermore, visitors can enjoy winter sports during the winter months. The famous destination is Grouse Mountain where many people can enjoy skiing and snowboarding every winter. 

Main Job Opportunities in Autumn / Winter
  • Christmas event staff
  • Winter sports related staff


Many tourists visit Vancouver for enjoying winter sports

A Hospitality Diploma Provides You Transferable Skills

hospitality diploma in Vancouver allows you to acquire a multitude of skills. In general, students can learn these skills with a hospitality diploma:

  • Customer Service Skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills
  • Multitasking

The skills mentioned above can be applied across various industries. In essence, pursuing a hospitality diploma enables you to broaden your career prospects beyond the hospitality sector.

For instance, customer service is a crucial skill in hospitality, covering effective communication, professionalism, conflict resolution, and cooperation. This proficiency not only facilitates roles with direct customer interaction but also enhances collaborative teamwork across various job settings.

Salary Expectations of a Hospitality Industry in Vancouver

When considering obtaining a hospitality diploma in Vancouver, it’s crucial to understand the potential compensation offered by employers in the industry. It’s not uncommon to begin with a minimum hourly wage in British Columbia; however, there is the potential for salary increases as you gain more experience in the field. Based on information from Indeed(Link), the Average base salary of a Hospitality manager in Vancouver is $91,973 per year.

Starting from an entry-level position, there is potential to progress to a managerial role with a higher salary range after obtaining a hospitality diploma in Vancouver. Additionally, in Vancouver, there’s a culture of tipping, so if you work at a restaurant, you have the opportunity to receive tips in addition to your base salary.

Pursue A Hospitality Diploma in Vancouver with Create Career College!

Create Career College, located in the Vancouver area, offers a 8-months hospitality certificate and 2-year hospitality diploma. 


Project Management skill is important for the future of work

Why choose A Hospitality Diploma in CCC?

  • CCC College has partnered with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI), a widely acknowledged leader in Hospitality Certification. Students pursuing a diploma in hospitality at CCC College have the opportunity to undergo an AHLEI certificate test monthly. 
  • CCC College collaborates with several local companies including a five-star hotel. We consistently welcome guest speakers from local businesses and hold hiring fairs for Co-op students.
  • Create Career College ensures the quality of all its programs, including the Hospitality Diploma, as they are endorsed by the Government of Canada. Oversight of educational programs is maintained by two crucial institutions: the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB), and the Designated Learning Institutions list (DLI).

For more information, visit our website: https://ccccollege.com/course/hospitality-management-diploma/


Opting for a Hospitality Diploma in Vancouver offers a promising career path for students. Vancouver’s thriving Tourism and Hospitality industries, consistently recognized for excellence, ensure a steady demand for skilled professionals. The program equips students with industry-specific and transferable skills, enhancing their versatility in various sectors.

The city’s unique seasonal job opportunities, competitive salaries, and the potential for career progression make the Hospitality Diploma a strategic investment. Create Career College (CCC) stands out as an excellent choice, offering an 8-month certificate and a 2-year diploma program. CCC’s collaboration with AHLEI and local businesses provides students with practical exposure, ensuring a well-rounded education and a pathway to success in the dynamic field of hospitality in Vancouver. Explore more on CCC’s website.