Exploring Insights with the Senior Director from Indeed | CCC Hospitality Class Guest Speaker Event


Exploring Insights with the Senior Director from Indeed | CCC Hospitality Class Guest Speaker Event

On December 15th, Create Career College welcomed a guest speaker from Indeed, Sean Kravetsky. Below is a brief summary of the question and answer session during his talk.


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Q: As for our career, how high can you go? How high do you potentially have to go?

Sean: First of all, everyone’s career progression, just like it is in their educational progression, is up to you.  It’s our responsibility to grow. It is nobody else’s and I think that’s really important. 

CCC will provide the environment, we will enable the environment for you but it is up to us to grow, isn’t it?   

For me, I started it as an individual contributor as a person who solved by themselves, didn’t manage a team and now I manage an entire company.  Somebody would say to me “Well, this is probably as high as Sean can go.”

And I would say to them, “That’s incorrect because that’s up to me.”

By the way, if you look at a ranking, or how high somebody can go, we often go to job titles, don’t we? 

Unfortunately, I think that’s a legacy way of thinking, that’s old. 

It’s about how much more we can learn, and that’s an uncapped potential. So, even if you don’t currently have the ability to grow into a manager in your current role or at your current company, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to build your resume and expand your skill set. There’s a possibility that such an opportunity will become available in your current job or with your current employer. Alternatively, such opportunities might arise in another area or with a different employer. 

And in that interview, you have to be ready to talk about those things, those attributes that you did in your role. Somebody might say “I see that you are in an account executive or a marketing coordinator for two years. Why didn’t you grow in that role?”

And you’re going to say “I really appreciate that question and I’m sorry you think I didn’t grow. Because guess what, I did grow. Here are the things that I did. Here are the people that I worked with and here are the results that I gained. And that’s why I feel I’m ready to take the next step in my career and make an impact to your company.”

So first, I will say that growth is certainly about the individual, not about the company role that you are in. So I would tell anybody on this call today that it doesn’t matter what spot you’re in educationally or professionally.


Career progression is up to you

We can continue to grow and evolve in that role and keep track of what you are learning.

Build your resume, write it out, and don’t just think about it because nobody knows what you’re thinking, you have to communicate it to them. 

You may not be able to get that job in the current employer that you are in, but another role will become available and we have to be ready. 

So, maybe I’m at the highest level I can go now, but this won’t be the last job I’m going to have.

There would be another one and I’m going to continue to work for that, and I’m going to grow.

How high you can go is up to you and it is not about the title. 

It’s about your own development and your own progress.

Q: The most critical challenge that sales and marketing jobs are facing and the reason why?

Sean: The first challenge is sales and marketing, believe it or not, don’t always get along. They just don’t.

Sometimes they go in different directions. I think we have to learn to get along. One of the things that we are doing right now, is learning to work closer together to align our goals, to align the objectives and outcomes.

You see a company often presents different goals for marketing and different goals for sales.

And we are rewarded for the success of either of them but only mutually exclusively, individually rewarded by them.

So, the biggest challenge is being able to have those two organizations align and be rewarded to succeed together.

If we don’t continue to share our insights and analytics collaboratively, we won’t be able to enhance our product’s market response or effectively attract new clients and perspectives to our organization.

When considering sales and marketing, it’s crucial for us to align on analytics, establish shared goals, and identify commonalities. Additionally, we need to ensure that we learn from all our campaigns, whether they’re related to brand marketing or product marketing.


Sale and marketing team has to get along with each other

Q: The vast majority of students here are moving forward to Co-op and hopefully, onto full-time jobs here in Canada.
Do you have any recommendations or advice for new Canadians just coming to Canada in terms of their job search?

Sean: We all have aspirations especially coming out of school that we’ve put the time in the effort and immediately we’ve built this educational platform.

And when we come out of that, there is a job that we want.

Sometimes, we lose sight of what it takes to get that job.

I say that not to insult you but rather to empower you in that you will get that job but set your expectations a little lower out of the gate. 

Experience is just as valuable as education. I want you to consider that it might be beneficial to take a job that you think might be too junior for you. Don’t worry, and take it.

It is a little bit lower than where you ought to be, but It’s going to serve you well.

As you saw when I typed in the jobs in the Indeed search, there are a lot of them out there. 

Don’t be afraid to take what you may see them as on the surface as a step back. 

That’s okay because one step back for you is going to have a foot in the door at the company that you are in or the company that you are going to end up in.

And that experience will continue to grow and you will get the role that you ought to be in. 

Don’t be afraid to take a role that might be a little junior for you.

That’s totally ok and hiring managers recognize that too.

You will gain experience, you will create a reputation in that organization and when that role becomes available, it will.

Somebody asks how high you can go and you can go as high as you want. 

Just don’t let your ego get in the way of your goal. 

That’s really important. 


Gaining experience by a little junior position for you is important


The second thing I’m going to say is, get out your comfort zone.

It is so difficult coming to a new country, and that’s not lost on me.

We employ wonderful people from all over the world.

And it is difficult to get involved, to feel safe and to feel included.

It is also hard to get out of your comfort zone but there are events that occur. Companies run a hiring event where you get to meet other potential employees.

So search for hiring events, you get to meet new people, and you will get to learn about the company as opposed to just applying and then going  into an interview. 

A truly great experience is a hiring event where they bring everyone together, allowing you to learn about the company before you apply. You get to have informal interviews about an organization before you apply.  I think you should start doing your research about that company long before you apply as well. 

Of course, the last thing I would say, use Indeed!

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